Ministries at Watermark


We exist to raise children that come under the care of our church into mature disciples of Jesus, as well as to equip their parents and those serving in our ministry to do so. On Sundays, children experience worship together with all generations, then are dismissed to five classes according to their age groups (more details below) ranging from 1.5 to 11 years’ old.

In class, our team of vetted teachers and helpers provide a safe and caring environment that is focused on building relationships with children, teaching them Biblical truths and how to apply them in their lives. Children also play games, make crafts, have snacks, and sing songs – fun activities that foster their learning of Biblical truths and bonding with their teachers and classmates.

For parents with children under 1.5 years’ old, a special seating area is available at the back of the service hall where children can play on padded mats and there is plenty of space for strollers.

Classes are allocated by age and school grade as follows:

Class Name Age HK
Grade System
Grade System
Grade System
Stream 1.5–3 yrs Nursery Playgroup
Nursery (under 3) Nursery (under 3)
River 3&4 yrs K1–2 Nursery Reception Nursery Pre-K
Ocean 5–7 yrs K3, P1–2 Years 1–3 K, Grades 1–2
Surf 8–10 yrs P3–5 Years 4–6 Grades 3–5


We aim to equip parents to disciple their youth, enable others to speak truth into the lives of students, and prepare youth to take the next step in their personal journeys with Christ. Friday night fellowship and teaching takes place regularly at the Watermark Community Centre.


The HKU International Christian Fellowship (ICF) is a community of English-speaking HKU students on a journey to get to know more about the Christian faith and its claims about life. We welcome all students to join us for bible study, praise, socials (eating, biking) and group discussions.

Community Groups

Gathering regularly in various locations, small groups of people connect with Christ as the common focus. We believe that church is not just an event you attend, but a community centered on the Gospel and sharing life together, in a way that is visible for those outside the church to see.


Watermark Community Church 普通话事工主要服事说普通话的职业人等各届人士 ( 方舟普通话小組 ),希望为在港工作的基督徒提供一个属灵的家。通过周日敬拜及周间查经和聚会,我们希望彼此鼓励共同在基督里成长,讨神的喜悦,并成为香港这个城市的祝福。


Missional Justice

Just as the Bible teaches us about God’s heart, so also we are called to have the same heart. We partner with several mission organisations to reach out to those trapped in our city’s red-light districts, vulnerable teen moms, and marginalised inner city minorities.


We want to be a church that does everything by prayer as we want to surrender all to God. We therefore have a prayer team that would love to pray with you after our service or during the week. If you have any prayer needs, please do not hesitate to email us.


Worship Arts

We believe that worship is our positive response to God’s revelation. Our worship arts include all the artistic elements of our corporate worship, including everything done by our production crews, musicians, service directors, and Scripture readers to lead our church in worshipping God.

Ministry Support

Every aspect of our church requires administrative support, which makes this a unique ministry in and of itself. What we do as a church could not happen without this dedicated work in doing ministry behind the scenes and taking care of our facilities, finances, and other resources.

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