Words of Hope in Difficult Times

Stand alone sermons proclaiming hope that is found in the truth of the gospel.

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Jeremiah 32:1-2, 6-26, 36-44

Previous Sermon Series

At Watermark, we generally like to teach through books of the Bible in our Sunday services. Below are a few of our latest sermon series. Click the series banner below to go to that series or find older series here.

Watermark Essentials

In this preaching series, called “Watermark Essentials” we’ll be taking a deeper dive into some of the things we value most as a church. For all who call Watermark home as well as those looking in, this is going to be a great series for us to calibrate our values, our heart and our mission.

Good News of Christmas

Christmas is therefore worth celebrating not simply because of the great food and family gatherings, but because of God’s coming to be with us when we needed Him most. When we were broken by our sin and those of others, He reached out to restore us. We trust that you will again be in awe of this good news of great joy; that our Saviour gave up everything so that we could be reunited with him.


The book of Revelation is often thought of, as being some secret prophecy code, foretelling how the world is going to end. However, it is actually the story of the prevailing Church, despite incredible attacks and set-backs, and how Christ’s church eventually becomes a city of worship, in Christ’s eternal kingdom.

Why Worship? 

For two-thousand years Christians across the world have gathered weekly, to sing, pray, demonstrate and listen to the gospel. Family Worship on Sundays is vital to personal and communal faith, and to our witness to the world. This three-part series explores the Why behind Sunday Family Worship.


Getting discouraged can prevent us from worshiping God, experiencing His presence in our lives and serving Him; but God has reminds us that He is with us, He is faithful and that by His Sprit He will help us over come our discouragement so that we can experience the peace and joy from community worship.



The book of Habakkuk is one man’s wrestle with God around why God allows wickedness and injustice to reign – supposedly unchecked – and God’s call for us to live by faith in His goodness and grace, even when things don’t make immediate sense to us.