Loving Sovereign Father,

When we look out at our city, we’re heartbroken by the pain, the violence, the anger, the hatred and the division that rules. Father, where are you? When we hear of brothers and sisters cursing one another, when we see the hopelessness and despair, we cry: Father, where are you? When we see the economy faltering, our investments failing and our fears mounting, we cry, ‘Father where are you? Do you hear us when we cry? Do you see us in our hour of need?’ When we see young people in such a state of anger that they will cause violence and destruction, we cry, ‘Father, where are you?’ When we see police officers lashing out in anger, we cry, ‘Father, where are you?’ When we see people attacking passengers on trains, we cry, ‘Father, where are you?’

But as we look behind the curtain, in the spiritual realm, we see you seated on the throne with a myriad, myriad angels falling before you in worship declaring that you alone are worthy of praise, you alone are the one who holds history in your hands. Kingdoms come, kingdoms go. Political regimes come and political leaders go. But you are the same, yesterday, today and forever. Though the nations rage, though the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, and all is shaken and quakes. You are never shaken. You have not stopped reigning and you are not about to stop now. Hong Kong is utterly, completely held in your hands. Thank you that we do not need to fear the future – because the future is safe with you.

But we are still in pain. Some of us are numb. Some of us indifferent. Some of us hurt. Some of us frustrated. Some of us feeling powerless. Some of us fearful. Some of us are angry. Come to your people at this time. Prince of peace, bring us peace. Lord of love, heal our hearts. King of kings, calm our fears. In our home where such violence has erupted – we cry for your shalom to reign.

Father, we pray for the government, for Carrie Lam, for her ministers, for Xi Jing Ping and the mainland officials who are making key decisions at this time. Please would they truly have humble hearts to listen to what is best for this city. Would they have a concern for the needy, for the poor and for those who have no voice. Would you enable believers in the government to stand up for justice and to care deeply about our city.

Lord, you tell us to honour the government. You tell us that they are your image-bearers. You tell us that you have placed them in their positions of authority. Help us to honour them. Sometimes we find it hard to honour those we don’t understand or agree with. Some of their policies we dislike, some make us wonder when justice will come to our city. When will politicians truly put the city before politics or their own interests? But you call us to pray for them. Forgive us where we have judged and condemned them but have not prayed sincerely for them. Forgive us where we have assumed the worst about them but have not longed for their salvation. Forgive us where we have considered ourselves omniscient without truly understanding what is happening behind the scenes. Change our hearts we pray.

Father we pray for the protestors. Lord, end the violence. End the hatred. End the animosity that is fueled day in and day out. But more than that, heal their broken hearts. Where they feel unheard, would you show them that you hear. Where they feel hopeless, would you show them that with you is a hope and a future. Where they feel angry, would you show them that you are the one who will ultimately bring justice. Bring forgiveness, bring reconciliation and bring light to our city. Forgive us where we have judged without listening. Forgive us where we have accused without compassion. Forgive us where we have ignored their cries without caring. Change our hearts we pray.

And Father we pray for the church. We ask you to forgive us where we have been accomplices in the injustice of this city. Forgive us where we have allowed greed to flourish in our hearts and have failed to reach out to the poor and needy. Forgive us where we have not cared for those around us as we should, where like the priest and the Levite we have walked on by while our neighbours lie in pain. Show us how to love like the Good Samaritan. Show us that you are a God of infinite forgiveness and mercy. Show us how to be those who love mercy, do justice and walk humbly before our God.

Help us to love our colleagues, our friends, our family, our neighbours, the police, protestors, young and old, those who hold different political beliefs from us. Let us not be indifferent to those around but show us how to be diligent in praying for them not just saying that we will pray for them and failing to do so. Because we know that you have ordained to work your purposes out through our prayers. So, heal our land. Bring hope to this nation. Restore. Reconcile. Revive faith.

For Lord we know when the night is darkest, the light shines brightest. So would you let your people be a light of hope. Give us wisdom to know how to listen to others well. Would you teach us how to boldly proclaim you, but to do so with sensitivity and love in this time. You will get glory through this. You will show yourself great through this. You will reveal your mighty deeds through this. Unify your church. Glorify your name. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

In Jesus name we pray